Frequently Asked Questions


1Q: What is the difference between a Montessori-based pre school and others?

1A: Dr Maria Montessori designed a method of educating young children through exploration, real life experience, and hands on interaction in a prepared environment. Playgroup teachers prepare their classroom for children to have choices which appeal and allow children to learn through their play. Playgroup provides activities which teach math, reading and writing skills in very concrete ways for young children eventually moving to abstract. The Playgroup classroom has mixed age groups, the older child becomes a “teacher” to the younger child. When a child is able to teach, their confidence becomes strong and their interest in creating a community makes for a wonderful classroom dynamic.

2Q. Does Playgroup encourage socialization, free play and art?

2A: Children in Playgroup have formed lasting friendships. Playgroup teachers model nurturing and positive relationships which children emulate. Blocks become castles, dinosaurs roam the floor, paintings fill their cubbies and parents find themselves with more macaroni necklaces than they can wear.

3Q. Does Playgroup help in the Kindergarten admission process?

3A: For over eighteen years Playgroup children have placed in both independent private schools and public schools. Lonna Corder understands the local elementary programs and strives to educate parents. The priority is always on the individual child and the best fit with a school. Playgroup parents experience the Kindergarten admission process with a partner. Lonna works to advocate for her children and simplify the daunting experience for parents.

4Q: Why does Playgroup offer five days rather than two or three days?

4A: Consistency and predictability is crucial for young children. Children thrive when they know what each day brings, attending a few days a week may seem like “enough” to parents, but it is confusing for children.

5Q: Isn’t full time program, 8:00 – 6:00, five days a week too much for a pre school child?

5A: Playgroup offers a nurturing, educational, social, fun and engaging day. With a balance of play and explorative learning both inside and outside. The gorgeous Presidio site offers a unique San Francisco experience.

Children have light filled classrooms with beautifully presented activities. The outside playground was planned for an endless amount of gross motor play, dramatic play, art activities, construction and simple contemplation among the breathtaking Presidio dunes.

Parents will find a support group among the Playgroup teachers and Lonna. Lonna offers an alternative for families, working parents have the confidence and peace of mind that their children are spending their day with their dearest friends and teachers whom are like extended family members.