History of Playgroup


On Valentine’s Day 1996, Ann Getty invited grandchildren of her friends into her home to share a unique pre school experience with her first granddaughter. As her own four sons crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to attend a Montessori pre school, Mrs. Getty wanted the same academic foundation for her granddaughter in San Francisco.

Lonna Corder has a Master of Arts in Teaching, a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and an American Montessori Society teaching credential. Mrs. Getty trusted Lonna to create a pre school experience that would provide science, math, reading, writing, history, music and art along with free play and plenty of nurturing. Together they created a one-of-a-kind program. For over twenty years, many children have spent their pre school years with Lonna and her team of expert teachers.

The ever present Playgroup Montessori Pedagogy has prepared San Francisco children for kindergarten through college. San Francisco Independent Elementary schools depend on pre schools to prepare children for kindergarten.

The elementary schools depend on Lonna’s candor to assist in the enormous task of annually choosing children for the incoming kindergarten class. Lonna works as a partner with families, by bringing the bay area’s most renowned educational consultants together to find the perfect school to continue to “Grow the Tree They Have”. Individualized attention is provided for both parents and children by Playgroup.

Playgroup has become an extended family. Lonna maintains relationships long past the pre school graduation. Ann Getty’s legacy is a pre school that has the best blend of education and emotional nurturing for young children. With great pleasure Lonna brings this blend to a new generation of families in this unique Presidio location.