Radicibus (roots) is circulating after twenty years of cultivation. Over the years, Playgroup has embraced a rich and deep understanding of the child development process. The analogy, a child is like sapling trees vying for protected growth to ensure a solid and purposeful life, reminds us that the root system must be secure to allow for a sturdy trunk and branches capable of weathering the climate changes of life.

Each month a meditation related to child development will be presented in Radicibus, drawn out and reflected upon. Along with the theme, supplemental material will be suggested to enrich the focus. Much of the material will be presented for the benefit of the child but adult supplements will also be shared as we never stop acquiring knowledge.

For many of our Playgroup families at the Presidio campus, this is your entrance to a world that your family will participate in for the next 15 years and possibly more. We hope you will find Radicibus’ content useful while you tend to your child’s root system through the years.