Playgroup Mission Statement

A Global Approach to Early Childhood Education 2014-08-11_15-23-18

Playgroup presents a global perspective, the children learn they are a small part of a much bigger world. Working from the Montessori curriculum, young children experience math, language, art, science and cultural studies through appropriate activities. Daily presentations by the teachers show the children the concept. Children engage until they feel confident to teach the concept to other children. The mixed age group allows children to learn, practice and teach each other. The children are given the gift of respect from the adults and freedom to learn and play within clear limits.

The respect teachers model for self, others and environment instills a desire to care for self, others and environment. A daily blend of academics, play, gross motor, creative art and music prepares the Playgroup child for the larger elementary schools.

Dr. Montessori called her first Roman school Casa dei Bambini, (House of Children). Playgroup continues her tradition of creating a homelike feel for young children. Everyday life skills, grace and courtesy are integral parts of the day. Our goal is to have gracious, independent and confident young children. Children are supported when failures occur. It is through the mistakes that our children learn most.

Lonna Corder is a proponent of early intervention and has a team of experts available to parents, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Educational Consultants and Child Psychologists have worked in partnership with Playgroup since the beginning. Each child is an individual, Playgroup supports the individuality and diversity each brings. The Bay Area Independent school admission directors are assured that Playgroup children are among the most prepared as well as the most well rounded children.

SproutOnce a family is a part of Playgroup, the guidance of Lonna Corder continues throughout a child’s life. Playgroup is a vital and ever growing community.